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The Definitive is a place for you to pick the definitive pair of movies for an actor. Get it right and there could be cash prizes. Get it wrong and the posibility that you're uncool is distinct.

My Guilty Pleasures is a website designed to let you revel in your own crapulence and debauchery and the crapulence and debauchery of others.

RSSonate is a website that allows you to bookmark, aggregate, and re-serve RSS and Atom feeds.

It should be noted that none of these links actually work right now. How y'all doin' tonight?

about us


  • inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
  • Causing awe or terror.
  • overwhelming, staggering, remarkable, prodigious.


  • Intelligent or clever working.
  • An application of skill, cleverness, or craft.
  • Close and steady application to the business in hand.

We are dedicated to building awesome web applications. If you want to buy any of them, let us know - the bidding starts at $2000000.